Learn about the fundamentals and trends affecting national commercial real estate debt markets featuring an assessment on retail outlet centers.

  • Dec 09, 2018
  • Marketplace Announcements

In this issue of our Quarterly Markets Update, we focus on the fundamentals and trends affecting national commercial real estate debt markets. Our feature reviews the value of the location as it relates to retail outlet centers as an asset class. We

RealINSIGHT Marketplace is pleased to announce the sale of the Montego Bay Apartments located in Sierra Vista, AZ

Marketplace teamed up with Karl Abert and Darren Tappen of Kidder Matthews to sell this 192-unit, 99% occupied,
multifamily property. The joint efforts centered around highlighting the value-add upside potential of a property,
despite a strong track record of consistently high occupancy and significant recent capital improvements.

Despite a remote location, not far from the border of Mexico, the asset attracted 11 registered bidders across seven
different states. The property sold on the opportunity to capitalize on future rental and management upside, with a
great outcome: a winning bid of 106% of the reserve price.

“Unquestionably, we could not be more impressed with RealINSIGHT Marketplace’s online marketing
platform. Straightaway their far-reaching platform quickly set into motion a highly organized offering
announcement, providing our team seamless access to an extensively qualified investor database.
The Marketplace landing page effectively delivered a  compelling deal broadcast and registered qualified
interest via a straightforward investor due-diligence portal.

Remarkably, in a little under two months following the marketing launch date, the Marketplace’s broad
investor database efficiently captured an extraordinary number of geographically diverse and qualified
bidders across seven states. Early on auction day, the Kidder Mathews team–in tandem with Marketplace
auction leaders–steadily enrolled twice the  predicted number of pre-qualified bidders, setting the stage
for an energetic  and competitive auction environment."
- Karl Abert, Kidder Matthews

Learn more about this auction property by visiting the asset page: Montego Bay Apartments.