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Classic Auctions

A live bid, multi-day sale event via a state of the art sales platform. Each asset is supported by a best in class broker, a strong local and nationwide marketing campaign, which culminates in an efficient and seamless closing. Sellers achieve wide ranging market exposure while Buyers are enabled to purchase in a clear, straightforward, and streamlined sale process.

Custom Auctions

Combines all of the benefits of our Classic Auctions with a tiered bidding process, and customized timing and terms. An initial bid round allows Buyers to highlight the strength of their interest and bid on assets that fit their investment profile. Sellers are able to select the most capable Buyers to compete in a final sale round and strive for maximum pricing.

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auctions, also called an auction without reserve, have no minimum sales price. A sale is guaranteed with the property being sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price. This process allows Sellers to generate the most interest while providing Buyers certainty of a transaction occurring.

Traditional Listings

Market your commercial traditional assets to motivated investors. Marketplace streamlines the investment sales process by allowing brokers to create fully customizable asset pages, hosting secure due diligence, providing real time leads, and offering the ability to accept offers all on one platform.

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The property, which generated $7.1 million of net operating income last year, has 16 tenants.

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100-Unit, 83% Occupied Multifamily Complex Sold For $5,000,000.

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